“I believe ASEAN was found to maintain close beneficial cooperation that has been existing in international organization in similar means and purposes, and I believe ASEAN Youth Initiative Empowerment Program has done exactly in that senses”

Rueven Jude Ratnesh – International Medical University, Malaysia

Jude’s words sums up the core of inaugural program by the ASEAN Youth Initiative Empowerment Program (AYIEP) at ASEAN Studies Center Universitas Gadjah Mada. He is among the ASEAN youth future leaders selected from across ASEAN to be part of the intensive 7 days program.

The selection process of AYIEP Participants began early April 2016, and the youth were carefully selected based on their expertise and passion toward the topics. Participants of the 1st AYIEP were enthusiasm joint series of public lectures, working groups, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) visits, and sharing an experience of regional diversity on the issue of Disability, Women and Children, and Religious Ethnic Groups to constructing ASEAN Identity through the 1st ASEAN Youth Initiative Empowerment Program: Regional Diversity in Constructing ASEAN Identity.

Even though the participants already back to their home countries, but the ties relationship formed among them is evident, and their friendship would be continued to give more impact on people-to-people connectivity to realize the ASEAN Studie Centre’s tagline “Bringing ASEAN Closer to You”.